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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIAnalyst?

AIAnalyst uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to generate forecasts for the financial market.

How does it work?

It works by studying and learning the Market Data related to a given instrument, according to the parameters set by the user during the strategy adding process.

How to order?

Login or create your account for free. Then you can start adding strategies to an Order and after payment is finalized, the strategies are ready to be processed at our servers. When processing is done a notification is sent to user. For detailed information see How To Order.

How to pay?

Payment is done via PayPal.

How long does it take to generate a report?

Orders are put in a queue for the servers to process, if the queue is small it may take less than an hour to process the Order (Depending on the amount of Strategies). But we work hard to ensure that no Order processing takes more than 24 hours to complete.

What is contained in the report?

The first piece of information in the report is the forecast result for the next trading day, updated daily, during 7 days

The report also contains the final formula (forecasting algorithm) used to generate the forecasts, as well as information about the formula performance on the backtest period. The formula is easily readable by non-programmers, but source code in C and pseudo-formula for Microsoft Excel are also provided for easy integration with trading systems.

How should the forecast be used to trade?

The forecast aims to predict the direction of the symbol on that day. The most straightforward way to use it is to day-trade according to the result. The following list is a simple guide for the possible outcomes:

Can an inexperienced user create Strategies?

Absolutely. When creating a Strategy the user can just fill in the symbol name and leave the other options at their default values, they are set to perform well in the most common scenarios.

How can experts use the system?

By providing parameters relevant to the Artificial Intelligence specialization process, AIAnalyst enables Financial Market experts to use their knowledge to redirect the specialization process. For more information about each parameter, see Strategy Parameters.

Does AIAnalyst reutilize Strategies?

No. Every Strategy is uniquely processed and generated, nothing from one Strategy is reused in another. However, Strategies can end up reaching the same algorithm, specially if they have the exact same parameters. Note that the chaotic dynamic of the specialization process makes this less likely to happen, particularly if there are many successful ways to achieve good final results.