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Artificial Intelligence for Trading Strategies

It's well known that Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires massive resources for R&D and infrastructure to be truly effective in the financial market. Only the biggest players had the means to be successful with it – until now.

Introducing AIAnalyst

AIAnalyst enables traders of any size to use AI to create trading strategies. All the processing and post-preparation of data is done on our servers, the user only needs a web-browser.

How does it Work?

Creating an account is free. After logging-in, the user creates strategies by selecting the desired stock symbol (e.g. AAPL) and, if desired, by changing the default parameters.

When the order is placed and paying via Pay-Pal is done, the strategies are ready to be processed.

After the processing is done (usually around a couple of hours), the user receives an e-mail notifying that the report is available.


Server-based processing: All specialization process and backtesting is done on our servers. All strategies are processed individually.

Easily readable reports: Don’t be afraid, you won’t get a black box. Our AI refines and transcripts the algorithm to a formula, easily readable by non-programmers.

Microsoft Excel integration: The report generated also contains an Excel formula ready to be pasted on a spreadsheet to be used with market data from sources like Yahoo Finance® and Google Finance®.


Strategies generated by AIAnalyst aim to predict the next day direction of a given symbol, so the most straight forward way to trade using the strategy is to buy or sell at the beginning of the day (according to the forecast in the report) and flat the position at the end of the day. There are no overnight risks, and trading costs are small due to the lack of multiple intra-day trades.

Of course the user is free to use the strategy results in more creative ways like adding it as a “weight” to a custom indicator or other sources of information.

What Instruments are available?

At this moment stocks from various markets (e.g. IBM, PETR4.SA, BARC.L) and some indices (e.g. ^GSPC, ^FTSE) are available, the naming used is the same as Yahoo Finance, but not all symbols from Yahoo are available at AIAnalyst.

When adding a new strategy, AIAnalyst will alert If the symbol is not valid or does not have enough market data.

How much does it cost?

We launched the service with an introductory price of $3.99 per strategy, and we are striving to maintain costs at this level to keep it in reach of every trader.