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Strategy Parameters


Description: The instrument identifier (e.g. BAC, ^DJI, PETR4.SA, etc.).


Description: defines the upper size limit allowed for the generated formula.

Note: complexity does not influence the lower size limit of the formula, so formulas smaller than specified in the complexity parameter can be generated if they yield better results.

Tips: complexity is commonly seen as a trade-off between increasing flexibility (high complexity) and avoiding overfitting (low complexity).

Backtest Period:

Description: defines the volume of data used when backtesting.

Tips: although strategies with higher backtest period values consume more resources to be generated, they are not necessarily better. In general, if the trading profile of a given symbol is consistent, a larger backtest period will likely be beneficial as more data is made available to the AI and vice-versa.

Input Candles

Description: defines the number of past days data available to the generated formula.

Note: this parameter deals with the inputs available to the generated formula, the same set of inputs that will be used when evaluating the formula after it is made available to the user. For backtest data settings, see Backtest Period.

Tips: when choosing the Input Candles value, think of the signal/noise ratio of the past days backwardly to try to identify when past days start to become more like noise than relevant information.