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From Market Data to Trading Wisdom

Market data is, by itself, just an agglomeration of numbers, but those in the financial market know it can be much more than that, from a simple snapshot of a tradeable asset, to signals of movements about to happen to instrument values.

How can a trader get to these signs? Enter AIAnalyst.

A collection of data is not information

Just like pixels represent the basic elements of a digital picture, market data can be seen as the basic elements of a "market image". This is why the artificial intelligence behind AIAnalyst starts by contextualizing data, elevating it to information by, in a sense, being able to see the picture behind it.

A collection of information is not knowledge

The next step to the AI is to identify patterns of information. Patterns range from simple, like a baby recognizes a familiar face, to complex, like a watchmaker interprets the continuous inner workings of a clock. Correlating and treating information gives rise to knowledge and, with this knowledge, the power to predict based on past observations.

A collection of knowledge is not wisdom

As a final step, the trader will inspect and integrate this knowledge into his trading architecture, using any of the various approaches, such as trading the formula results directly or using it as a weight to other trading indexes. This synergy between trader and knowledge will then emerge as trading wisdom.